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Engine & Transmission Repair

All of our mechanics are ASE Certified in the areas they specialize in.

All of our employees are routinely background checked and are randomly drug tested. Employees are continually trained with updated manufacturers repair information.

Oil Changes

Designated Oil change and service rack — all fluids, tire pressures, suspension, lights, drive train parts, and visual brake components are checked at each oil change service to ensure your safety.

Tires • Alignments • Brakes

Tire sales, repair or replacement, wheel balancing and alignments, rotation and tire pressure check and brake service.


As the best auto repair company in town, we’re equipped and ready to handle all your repair and maintenance needs. Look to the below to find our areas of expertise.

Any modern car you see in Glenwood City has several intertwining systems that work together seamlessly to complete a driving experience. However, when these systems get out of specifications, nothing short of a professional diagnostics check-up will return everything back to their intended settings. From assessing error codes to taking your car’s tuning to the next level, Mike’s Auto Body ‘s diagnostics work is a great choice.

When a customer brings their vehicle to us, we’ll look at every individual system, from electrical problems to engine issues, each of which can have a tangible effect. The diagnostic tools we use are of the highest quality and capable of resolving even small errors that could be hampering your time behind the wheel.

The unfortunate fact is that many cars on the road are not performing up to their potential. With a full engine diagnostics service and tune up package from Mike’s Auto Body, your car will get the complete treatment and you’ll see both fuel efficiency and performance gains immediately.

To schedule a diagnostic visit, give Mike’s Auto Body a call today at 715-265-4645.

Many people might think of vehicle inspections as an unnecessary trouble to be completed every year. While most modern cars and trucks will pass an inspection easily, the service performed by Mike’s Auto Body has additional benefits that could help you save a considerable amount of money.

An inspection may cover emissions and other concerns, but what’s really happening when Mike’s Auto Body looks at your vehicle is simply making sure that it is still safe for driving on many different road types. By performing high quality inspections, we’re doing our part to keep the motoring public safe and reduce the number of preventable accidents on the streets.

In addition to the required checks of a standard vehicle inspection, Mike’s Auto Body mechanics will also take the time to perform a top to bottom look at your vehicle and find areas that could use a repair or adjustment. From aligning tires for better fuel efficiency to catching exhaust problems before they start, we’re the local Glenwood City inspection provider to trust.

Don’t put off your vehicle inspection. Call 715-265-4645 and make an appointment with Mike’s Auto Body today!

If you’re driving a newer car, then there’s a good chance you’ve already experienced the sticker shock of going to a local dealership for scheduled maintenance. It’s no secret that oil changes, tune ups, tire rotation, and other services cost more at the dealership, but few realize that Mike’s Auto Body offers the same (if not better) service at lower prices.

Scheduled maintenance, also called preventative maintenance, is a plan set by your car’s manufacturer and details how often you’ll need oil changes or other service. At Mike’s Auto Body, we have access to all service schedules and understand exactly what’s needed at every stop of the process.

In addition to keeping your car running well, a scheduled maintenance service at Mike’s Auto Body comes with the extra benefit of quality. We’ll always use the highest quality parts. We’ve worked hard to earn our strong reputation for providing affordable preventative maintenance that keeps your warranty intact.

Compare the prices for scheduled maintenance and you’ll see why Mike’s Auto Body is your best choice. Don’t put off your vehicle inspection call 715-265-4645 and make an appointment with Mike’s Auto Body today!

As part of a complete preventative maintenance plan, oil and filter changes help to reduce the chance of breakdowns and removes oil that is commonly saturated with debris and contaminants. When you bring your car to Mike’s Auto Body, a friendly associate will help you figure out the best high-quality oil for your needs and have you back on the road in no time.

On these regular service visits to Mike’s Auto Body, you can count on our team to also check your fluid levels and top up as needed. When you leave our Glenwood City auto repair center, you can rest assured that your vehicle is well-prepared to meet the next recommended maintenance as listed in your owner’s manual.

For a top-notch lube, oil, and filter service give Mike’s Auto Body a call at 715-265-4645.

You may not pay much attention to the wheels and tires on your car, but when there’s a problem, we guarantee you’ll notice. You need good wheels and tires to navigate the streets as well as a partner to fix them when problems arise. At Mike’s Auto Body, we’re that partner and happy to repair or replace your wheels and tires.

If you’ve noticed vibration or shaking while you drive, then there’s probably an issue with your tires or wheels. Over time, it’s easy to get out of alignment, but a quick service to Mike’s Auto Body will get it taken care of and eliminate that annoying pull to one side. Using our professional-grade equipment, we’ll use digital testing to assess the problem and then provide the best fix.

The thing to remember about wheel and tire problems is that they often lead to bigger issues. Not having enough tread on your tires creates an unsafe driving situation and wheels that are out of balance can cause suspension damage and other more costly repairs. Trust Mike’s Auto Body for your wheel and tire services and we’ll get the job done.

At the first sign of wheel or tire troubles, give Mike’s Auto Body a call at 715-265-4645 and we’ll find a convenient time to visit our shop.

When there are engine problems, it can affect every other aspect and leave you stranded on the side of the road. However, there is a solution to engine problems, Mike’s Auto Body – a local engine repair specialist.

The mechanics at Mike’s Auto Body have the experience and knowledge needed to perform engine repairs of all shapes and sizes to restore your engine to its factory condition.

Even the best engines will accumulate wear and tear over the years, but Mike’s Auto Body recommends thorough engine maintenance to ensure the longest possible engine lifespan. Come to us for routine maintenance as well as engine repairs and we’ll keep your car running as long as possible.

For professional engine repair service by true experts, Mike’s Auto Body is just a phone call away. Dial 715-265-4645 to learn more about our engine repair services.

From batteries and starters to radios and windshield wipers, your car depends on electricity to function properly. When your vehicle’s electrical system starts to fail, it not only changes your driving comfort, but can also be a serious situation if it’s not dealt with quickly. At Mike’s Auto Body, we know electrical systems and we are trained to handle any problem.

Mike’s Auto Body is the right combination of experience, knowledge, and professional automotive equipment. Equipped with state-of-the-art electrical diagnostic equipment that makes it easy to isolate underlying causes, you’ll be back on the streets sooner than you think.

Check engine lights, alternators, sensors and power windows are just a few of the common electrical and electronic problems that Mike’s Auto Body can repair. Give us a call and you’ll see why so many people in Glenwood City trust us for their electrical and other automotive work.

For expert car electrical system advice or to schedule a service appointment, contact Mike’s Auto Body in Glenwood City at 715-265-4645.

Having a broken window or windshield can be a safety hazard. To get back up and running, Mike’s Auto Body has full glass repair and replacement options to fit your exact needs.

Windshield glass is a structural component of vehicles. Once automotive glass has cracked, chipped or otherwise been weakened, it will need replacement to keep you safe and protected during collisions.

At Mike’s Auto Body, we understand that replacing the glass in your vehicle is often an unplanned expense and one that can be costly depending on your car’s make and model. We’ll help you find the most affordable option, whether a repair is possible or in the case you need a windshield replacement.

Before trying to drive a vehicle with a broken window or windshield, call Mike’s Auto Body at 715-265-4645 to find the best repair or replacement prices.

Mike’s Auto Body is in a working in partnership with BG Products, Inc. to provide products that meet or exceed customer expectations while reducing the environmental impacts of its operations, activities, products and services in a safe and healthy manner.

To learn more about the available warranties and protection plans that assist in prolonging the life of your vehicle, increase the performance and reliability of your vehicle and for better fuel economy, call Mike’s Auto Body today at 715-265-4645.